This CD contains all the deliverables of the UnitCheck tool. This includes


The following list summarizes all pieces of documentation provided with the UnitCheck tool.
Master Thesis
Text of the master thesis describes the motivation behind the UnitCheck tool, various approaches to unit checking, the implementation of UnitCheck, the way embedding UnitCheck in Eclipse and Ant. A list of related work is also attached.
User Manual
Describes the UnitCheck from the user point view. It covers the UnitCheck Eclipse plugin and the Ant task.
The paper UnitCheck: Unit Testing and Model Checking combined has been accepted for publication in ATVA '09, LNCS.
Javadoc Documentation
Generated documentation describing the internals of all the components of the UnitCheck tool.


Unless you would like to compile UnitCheck on your own, you will need these binaries to run various UnitCheck parts. See the user documentation for information on how to install them.
----- It is also available in the tgz format.
---- It is also available in the tgz format.

Sources, test data, license

All the source files are distributed along with the UTMA system. They are contained in the src directory.

The test data (example source files which will test the IDE plugins) is included in the testdata directory.

Licenses are located in the license directory.