System Requirements


LFS has been developed and tested with vanilla kernel 2.6.17.

  1. Apply path to configured kernel
    $ cd /usr/src/linux-
    $ patch -p1 <<path_to_lfs_instaltion/patches/lfs-
    For your connvenience, a patched kernel is also included on the CD. Compile your kernel as usually.

  2. Change to the root directory of LFS distribution. Type:
    $ make

  3. Install LFS by typing
    $ make install

    This will copy the garbage collector to /sbin/lfs-gc, mkfs.lfs to /sbin/mkfs.lfs, fsck.lfs to /sbin/fsck.lfs, dump.lfs to /sbin/dump.lfs and to /lib/ It will also install the kernel module to the appropriate directory.

  4. Optionally, copy man-pages from doc/man to your distribution's man path2.1.

  5. Load LFS module by:
    $ modprobe lfs

LFS is now installed and ready for use. You can proceed to Quick Start in next chapter

Viliam Holub 2006-12-04